Drum Specs

Required Kit: Canopus Neo Vintage(you may substitute Yamaha)
Clarence Penn
Required Heads new and unplayed:
1st choice Aquarian Satin finish-contact Chris Brady at Aquarian Heads if you have any issues cb@aquariandrumheads.com
2nd choice Remo “Coated Ambassador on top and Clear Ambassador on the bottom

1 x Bass Drum with Tom mount:18″x14″ “NO HOLE ON FRONT HEAD”
1 x Floor Tom:14″x13″
1 x Rack Tom mounted to Bass Drum :12″x8″
1 x Snare Drum 14”x5
4 x Cymbal Stands (Yamaha 865 series preferred)
1 x Hi-Hat Stand (Yamaha 850 max 16” pipe)
1 x Snare Stand (Yamaha 900 series)
1 x Bd Pedal (DW 9000)
1 x Drum Throne( Roc n Soc Nitro or Yamaha DS 950)
1 x Black music stand
1 x Carpet or Rug large enough for entire kit
3 x Clean Black hand towels
Clarence Penn:..pennentertainment@gmail.com (347)400-9121
Suggested Mic List
1. Kick:AKG.D12.(NOT.A.D0112) Shure.Beta.52 Sennheiser/MD04210II

2. Snare: Shure.SM057 Shure.Beta.98AD/C.with.mount Shure.SM057

3. Rack Tom: DPA.4099D.w/.drum.clip Shure.Beta.98AD/C.with.mount Shure.SM057

4. Floor Tom: DPA.4099D.w/.drum.clip Shure.Beta.98AD/C.with.mount Shure.SM057

5. OH.L: Neumann.KM184.w/.K40.capsule Shure.SM081 AKG.C0414
6. OH.R: Neumann.KM184.w/.K40.capsule Shure.SM081 AKG.C0414